Oh Man! I gotta Get a REAL Model!

I am doing something in this post, that most women would think was unheard of… postingpics of myself, in a most unattractive light. My reasoning is to show just how undignified artists must sometimes be, moving toward a, hopefully, loftier goal. Or, at least a better finished product.

This is a rather odd and let’s be honest, less than attractive pic of me, posing in front of my Mac’s iSight camera. One of the things I love about my Mac… not, obviously, because I’m very vain, but because it takes decent working photos. Whoops, left on the glasses!

Okay, dumped the specs – but a rather mundane pose.

Ahhh, a little better… not quite there yet…

A little better. How about if I use the face from one and the hand from another… oh, the use of the bag of lens wipes will be more apparent in the finished art …

Okay so here’s the finished deal, one, of what a pal of mine calls “SSP” – Shame-Less Self Promotion – a promotional mini poster. Yeah, I flipped the image, and the lens wipes became the “Feline”. I took parts of this and parts of that, from each pic, to form the image.

Artists have been using mirrors, first, and then cameras, for centuries now; it’s a common practice when a model isn’t available. Using a model is a great way to get exactly the pose you want though, and still, you will tweak it. However, getting a model isn’t always convenient, timely, or cost effective. But, if you can’t find the right pose in your files, I say, jump right in front of that camera, Sweet Pea!

Fortunately, I was picturing myself in this parody… my apologies to those parodied. One has to laugh at one’s self; doesn’t one?

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