We are very near the end of this year. This is one of the latest images for 2012. I used it on my Christmas e-card: “Good Things…”; as in the saying; “good things come in small packages”. I just updated this blog, so I’m not quite sure why my pic appears to be so small… WordPress has apparently changed how the image is diplayed…  I will get to the bottom of it!

Lori Maxwell Illustration, 2012

Lori Maxwell Illustration, 2012

At any rate, I’m hoping that you all have had a great Christmas, and, in this week before the New Year, are figuring out exactly what you wish  and hope it brings. I know I am.

I think 2013 will bring more changes to the ‘art industry’; I can’t imagine it stopping, with the innovations that I’ve only recently read about. Some technical marvels, as history can confirm, will leap forward; while others, that we may even thought to become ‘standards’ of the industry, i.e.; the floppy disc ( I still have a whole stack of floppies that I think I will make some sort of art with); will fade away.

Figuring out what stays and what goes, is like, well, it’s a crap shoot. Who knows how long our old ways of doing and working in this business, will last? The trick is to find your ground and make your stand. But be flexible. You don’t want to be on shaky ground.

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