Still Here

I haven’t posted in a while. I am still here. I just faced a period of being a little, well, overwhelmed, shall we say.

I won’t go into details, but let’s leave it at personal triumph and tragedy. A few of the people in my life have been going through things, that in the ‘big picture’, we all experience at some time or other. These ‘things’ are part of life. There is the “unknown” as to when and if they will happen; when they do it still takes us by surprise. I¬†was hit hard, at first, by some of the news. I was relieved and joyous about other results. But I’m of the mindset now, that taking things a day at a time is, really, the only course to follow.

I found myself anxious, down, empathetic. Sometimes it is very hard to write, at least it is for me, when my mind trails off to important, though, unrelated to work issues. I’m not really a “writer”; I draw. Getting lost in art is sometimes the only relief.

Personally, I have a handle on ‘things’. Professionally, I’m here. I’m back in the groove. I’m ready to move forward.

My apologies for taking so long – thanks for waiting.

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