There may be a few web changes…

Recently, my seemingly ever reliable computer, had a sort of, meltdown. After exhausting all the diagnostics built into the machine; the instructions in “Support”; and the knowledge of a very experienced friend; I had to call The Doctor.

It wasn’t long, after The Doctor looked at the computer, that he made his diagnosis. The hard drive was not working – not “turning over”. Th euphemism to a car engine, was not all that far fetched, you could hear the “whir-whir” sound. I was kinda sick, but resigned to what The Doctor was telling me.

After a week in the shop, The Doc brought it back to me, working like a champ. The down side though, was that The Doc could only save a few of my folders. Even though I had most of my files backed up; there were several recent files that were not. One of them being the latest revisions I was making to my web site.

Please bare with me; I will have the changes I’ve needed to make ASAP.