Moving Right Along… Finally!

After a long couple of months of setbacks (hard drive pooped out, lost files); family responsibilities; and lost time (no, I didn’t fall into the wormhole with Morgan Freeman); I have finally gotten my act together. Personally and professionally, I’m moving forward.

When my hard drive needed replaced, a little over a month ago, I had to engage in ‘re-creation’ – lost some of my newest files that were not on back up. Not a great place to be, workwise. I am still finding that there are files that I don’t have – fortunately, I have all the elements to recreate them, if I had to, ON back up. It’s more work, but at least I know what I have and where to find it. One of the files that I lost was the most recent folder of my web site. Fortunately, there were older files I could amend. I did a bit of editing, streamlined some of the information, and organized what I really needed a bit better. I most likely won’t win a “Webby” for my efforts, but I try to make things ‘user friendly’.┬áThere may even be a few little link problems that I over looked – they are being revised as you read this.

One might say the the timing for all that’s happened couldn’t have been worse; maybe that’s true, but stuff happens. It’s the rebound that matters. So, even though, with some things it feels like I’m at square one; most of the events of the past weeks are on the up swing. Good Omen, I say.

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