Sad News

My last post was about a podcast that I steered you to, on the “Once Upon a Sketch” website. This site is maintained by Norm Grock and William Wilson, Jr. Earlier this week, and much to my surprise, Norm Grock announced that the site would be on hiatus. The reason; William Wilson, Jr. had passed away.

I did not know Mr. Wilson personally, but I have to say that I was shocked to hear about his passing. Listening to podcasts and reading the very informative posts of his, gives you a feeling though, that you have some knowledge of him and the kind of guy he was. It was like a co-worker had gone. This is what the Internet does. It brings you some knowledge of who people are, that you might never meet face to face. I sensed that Mr. Wilson was not only a well versed, talented, young man, but one who cared about his craft – and had a good sense of humor – always a plus to me. I appreciated the honesty of his remarks and the integrity he displayed.

Mr. Grock, too, seems to be a good, honest and knowledgable guy. I’m sure the site is on hiatus because of his friendship with Mr. Wilson; that kind of bond is hard to find. Mr. Grock, I hope, when this period of mourning ends, that you do continue. The fact that both of you had the passion to fill the pages of your blog with timely information – helpful in many ways to many artists – makes me ask you to go on. Because you care, we – your blog readers – care.

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