Old? …Just like a Fine Wine

A few days ago, the swimmer, Diana Nyad, finally finished her quest to swim from Cuba to The Florida Keys – at age 64.

To someone entering the arena of “old”, like me, that’s inspiring. Suddenly finding that you are no longer a part of ‘the youth culture’ hits you like a brick – when did that happen?? Even in this biz, ‘youth’ seems to be a more treasured commodity, than ‘experience’. The world we live in, I guess. However, there are some, like Ms. Nyad, who rise above the rest.

I was reading my short list of bookmarked blogs, when I came to “Today’s Inspiration“, Leif Peng’s wonderful look at nostalgia (we old folks get nostalgic, now and then), Illustration and Art of the past century. His post today was about his friend, the lovely Sheilah Beckett. Ms. Beckett has been illustrating for a looooong time, starting in the 1940’s. And, just to give you an idea of approximately how long – today is her 100th Birthday, and she’s STILL at it!

Best Wishes Ms. Beckett! Check out her art on “Today’s Inspiration“. Or, just google Sheilah Beckett Illustrations for some illustrative eye candy.

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2 thoughts on “Old? …Just like a Fine Wine

    • Hey Bridget! We’re probably most proud to laud and applaud – we’re “Old School”, when it comes to women’s achievements. I didn’t catch all of the story on the news, but I understand someone has already accused her of ‘cheating’. Hmmmmm …

      As for Ms. Beckett at 100; it’s not just her age, but her enthusiasm at her age and the way she works on – she reminds me of my Grandma Steigerwald!

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