Ahhh, The ‘Missing Links’, Perhaps?

LMI, '13

LMI, ’13

I don’t have a lot to say today, except, “Hello”. I haven’t kept up this blog very well this month, seeing that the last post was to wish “A Happy Halloween”. Considering next week is Thanksgiving and all the craziness that ensues for weeks after… and now before… that holiday, known as “The Holidays”; I haven’t visited in a couple of weeks. I hope that all makes sense, it’s just that sometimes current cultural trends seem to blur the lines.

I’m posting a sketch that I’ve always called “the Missing Links”. I know some disagree with that title, and I leave it to zoologists and naturalists and biologists and other scientists to make that determination. I did these sketches while watching one of those nature shows on the tube; watching these chimps, I couldn’t help but wonder if they really are ancient cousins. They were quite smart and entertaining.¬†At any rate, I am NOT MAKING A CLAIM, so, I don’t want to hear about it.

Relatives or not, I find them wonderfully appealing. They make me think. They make me laugh.

I think that’s enough.