Some Improvement… I ain’t lion!

Just an update on my skills: I am slowly learning “The Way of The Wacom”. I recently, after much practice ( whenever I could find the time), did a series of sketches for review solely on my graphic tablet. I have yet to ¬†receive revisions, or get any feedback from the client about going digital; but I really like this as a sketch method now. I didn’t think I would.¬†lion2-72I rendered this sketch as a warm up today. I used Sketchbook Express, an app I haven’t spent enough time in, but really like. I might even order the Sketchbook Pro app, one of these days, as I understand there are more ‘bells and whistles’ than you can shake a stick at, compared to Express. The sketches I sent to the client were all rendered in Photoshop, which is definitely a great app workplace to work in.

I feel much better with the stylus at this point, I almost have the hand-eye coordination thing down. Get this – I almost don’t even have to think about what I’m doing anymore. The stylus is becoming like a pencil in my hand – Woo-Hoo! That is a great feeling, I have to say. I also like the ‘pencil to paper’ result, the line does look like it was scribbled down and torn from a sketch pad. I still have a lot of work to do, but I’m seeing things differently; spatially, I’m finding the form and weight of a subject much better. Even with this foreign way of doing things.

2 thoughts on “Some Improvement… I ain’t lion!

  1. Wow, almost choked! Amazed you have crossed over to the ‘digital’ side. Looks fantastic! Just proves you can draw with anything!

    • I’m still workin’ at it Girl! It is one of the most foreign feelings – looking up at a monitor, while drawing, and NOT watching your hand. I’d been toying with the idea for some time now. It felt as though I was ‘cheating’ on my brush! I started with a fairly inexpensive Wacom Intuos, because, on one hand, I know that sooner or later I may face the fact that editors and AD’s will want all their illustration to go digital, and it is faster – “I needed it yesterday” will be abandoned for the catch phrase: “I needed it last week” – or some such malarky. Then, on the other hand, I wasn’t sure that I’d even LIKE it. I suppose, one day I will graduate to the next level; monitor and drawing area are the same – more natural feel. But that’s way more $$$, for something I wasn’t sure of.

      Problem is, I still really love my brush… does this make me a two-timing cheat??!

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