Always a “Work in Progress”

There seems to be always something to do. It may not be what I really want to do; but somehow it must get done. I recently read about another artist, who said he’d never wanted to be a businessman; but somehow, that’s what he seems to spend the most time at – not on his art – but, finding more work. I hear ya! It’s a bitch, but a reality.

Everything is a ‘work in progress’. From the beginnings of personal work you’re dying to finish; to the hope that the illustration you finished won’t be revised; from the constant – what we used to call “hitting the sidewalk” – now it’s ’emailing’ and ‘networking’ and ‘keyboarding’; from establishing relationships with new AD’s. Not to forget the constant updating and upgrading… oh, there’s a fun time… why won’t this OS work with this app?

All of that above, is only a portion of the business, believe it or not. There’s all of the learning new apps, new procedures for each job, keeping of books, time sheets, the invoicing… all the way to maintenance. I’m getting tired just thinking of it! I may need to take a week of vacation, just to get some of that personal work done. Or, maybe just to run away!

Anyway, about a month or so ago, I quickly whipped up a revamp of my web site. Part of the updating, upgrading “thing”. It is still a work in progress. I still have to post some newer stuff, but at the very least, I have a ‘web presence’.

And, of course, it’s still