Always a “Work in Progress”

There seems to be always something to do. It may not be what I really want to do; but somehow it must get done. I recently read about another artist, who said he’d never wanted to be a businessman; but somehow, that’s what he seems to spend the most time at – not on his art – but, finding more work. I hear ya! It’s a bitch, but a reality.

Everything is a ‘work in progress’. From the beginnings of personal work you’re dying to finish; to the hope that the illustration you finished won’t be revised; from the constant – what we used to call “hitting the sidewalk” – now it’s ’emailing’ and ‘networking’ and ‘keyboarding’; from establishing relationships with new AD’s. Not to forget the constant updating and upgrading… oh, there’s a fun time… why won’t this OS work with this app?

All of that above, is only a portion of the business, believe it or not. There’s all of the learning new apps, new procedures for each job, keeping of books, time sheets, the invoicing… all the way to maintenance. I’m getting tired just thinking of it! I may need to take a week of vacation, just to get some of that personal work done. Or, maybe just to run away!

Anyway, about a month or so ago, I quickly whipped up a revamp of my web site. Part of the updating, upgrading “thing”. It is still a work in progress. I still have to post some newer stuff, but at the very least, I have a ‘web presence’.

And, of course, it’s still


Rembrandt CGI

I just read this post on James Gurney’s blog, Gurney Journey. It is statistical analysis and algorithms, and the use of a 3-D printer, that scientists have used to create what a “typical” Rembrandt painting would look like. I am at once fascinated, awed, and have a slight sense of foreboding… judge for yourself.

Get the info here on Gurney’s blog:


The Norman Rockwell Museum …

… has a new website, honoring The Art of Illustration. The museum, through its association with Rockwell Center for American Visual Studies, has recently launched a new historical web-based project: Illustration History: An educational resource and archive. Some of the greatest Illustrators of the past Century, plus those making their mark in the here and now.

Divided into genres and decades, this proves to be a great resource. Still, it’s new, and there are names that have been left out – check ‘em out and let ‘em know!

Find it at

Via: Lines and Colors and: Gurney’s Journeys


A Year to the Day

My how time does fly. It has been exactly one year since I last wrote on this blog. Or, for that matter any social media sites that I am a part of, have seen very little of me during the year of 2014. Why? One reason has been my workload; one has been (and this will sound like a lame excuse, but true) that finding the time in 2014, to sit and think, alone and unobstructed by the outside world, has been a very small amount; one has been that I sometimes feel I have very little to say – I don’t want to be that woman that tells you about the bagel she had for breakfast – you know what I’m sayin’!

This is also an art blog, and I suppose I’ve had art worth posting, of my own; but, not much has excited me this past year. I am an artist, once again, in transition. I’m working at being more of a digital artist; however that has been a slower than I’d like process. It seems, ironically, after thinking I’d have to put my paintbrush aside, that I’ve had more call for traditional media art, than digital. Go figure. But even then, I’ve realized that the proverbial “writing is on the wall”.

As I mentioned, the ‘excitement quotient’ has been low – I’ve decided not to make resolutions this new year, as they are sometimes almost impossible to keep (reference my 2014 post). I do, however, have intentions – yeah, I know, “the road to hell …” – I get it. My intent, is passion this year. Something that is often lost, in the day-to-day drudgery; the “trends” (I try to never keep up with the ‘Joneses’, unless I have little choice); the shrill, demanding and whining voices in your ears (“I want it now!”, “I needed it yesterday!”, etc.); and just the hours put into searching for, researching for, and just doing the work.

So, I’m off. Looking for a spark. You will see and hear from me from time to time. Hopefully, much more often than in 2014. I am on a mission.

Excite me, World.

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